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Energetic Frequency Tattoo Design

Energetic Frequency Tattoo Design

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Tattoos are part of ancient ceremonial practices of healing and transformation. They have the power to initiate you into the frequency of your authentic self and connect you to the Divine. It is also a light activation! 

 What can a light activation do for you?

* Move into greater healing
* Empower you
* Provide you with wisdom through your spiritual presence (higher self)
* Help you remember who you really are
* Expand consciousness
* Help you embrace your spiritual nature

How does it work?

We meet virtually in a 30 min session to discuss your frequencies, placement, intention and messages that come through the energy reading. 

What you receive:

-Energy Reading

-Energy Clearing

-Design- emailed as a pdf

-Video of the planning and design-emailed

-Detailed explanation-emailed

Time frame-

7-10 days

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My mission is to connect individuals with their authentic self through transformative designs. Helping people connect with their inherent energy and unlocking their true potential is what allows personal growth flourish.