About Energétika Designs

Meet the Artist: Karla Ruiz 

Hi and welcome to Energétika Designs! This space was created with the intention to connect you with your authentic self through light activations! 

I am a visual alchemist and clairvoyant which means that I see colors, images and patterns that have symbolic significance through intuitive sight. I then take these visuals and create compositions of the light within you!  

My artistic background is founded on 10+ years as an art educator. Facilitating the exploration of materials and visual language has allowed me to access and learn a variety of modalities to express energetic frequencies. 

If you are ready to take on the journey to self-discovery or rediscovery, I would love to guide you! 


My mission is to connect individuals with their authentic self through transformative designs. Helping people connect with their inherent energy and unlocking their true potential is what allows personal growth flourish.